Creating An Argumentative Essay On You Are What You Eat

Students cannot avoid writing argumentative essays since they should learn how to develop a strong argument and support it so that the readers will accept it. A strong paper should contain four key ingredients: an introduction, your argument, argument of your opponents, and a conclusion. The following guidelines will help you create an argumentative essay about a point that we are what we eat:

  1. Write an introduction that presents your topic.
  2. Choosing a right topic is essential. It should be narrow enough to fit the length of the paper. For example, you can write about how a particular product affects human health. You can also claim that a healthy diet helps people live a full life and avoid visiting doctors. It is also a good idea to analyze how to choose a meal plan according to age, level of physical activities, and health issues.

  3. Include all the necessary elements to your intro.
  4. An intro paragraph of your argumentative essay should contain a hook for the readers, some background information about the topic, a concise thesis statement, and an effective transition sentence. Make sure that it is evident from the intro what side you are taken. For instance, you should clearly state that you think that what we eat affects our physical conditions.

  5. Develop your own argument.
  6. In the body paragraphs, you should make several claims that support your argument. It is recommended to come up with three key points. However, you can also have two or four claims. Each one should be supported by credible evidence. For example, you can claim that eating more vegetables lowers cholesterol level and provide the results of a scientific study as an evidence.

  7. Consider your opponents’ arguments.
  8. In your argumentative essay, you should provide the potential counterarguments and refute them. It is a good idea to brainstorm what your opponents can come up with and mention the strongest points in your paper. Remember about the required length of your assignment and try to keep your writing short but convincing.

  9. Compose a summary.
  10. Your conclusion should include the restatement of the importance of your topic and your assessment of what would happen if your argument was not implemented. For example, you can summarize how many people suffer because of diet-related diseases each year and how the situation would change if every person consumed a healthy meal. However, make sure to avoid providing too much new information.

The aforementioned guidelines will help you create a decent assignment and receive a high grade.

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