Fresh Ideas For Your Essay On The Freedom Of Religion

Religion and discussion on the subject is one of the “hot buttons” you are asked to avoid most of the time. Self-help and other tomes on the art of social mixing-up go as far as to instruct you to state that you are open to any conversation other than that on the topics of politics and religion. Under such “repressive” conditions, it is a breath of free air to write about freedom of religion in an academic setting. Whether you choose to write for or against the topic, you do not need heavy doses of “political correctness” to smooth the edges of your argument. Good language and syntax will take care of that.

Here are a few ideas to make your essay more convincing and powerful for your audience:

  1. Develop an informed position: If you are the one who has chosen the topic, chances are you are already tilted to one side of the argument. If not, then the best way to go about it is to read enough material on the pros and cons of religious freedom to decide which one you are in favor of. Be convinced before you set out to convince others.
  2. Collect good evidence: You will need to back up your arguments with solid evidence supporting them. An emotional rant or feeling strongly about it will not help. Note down all the sources you use so that you can make your essay even more reliable by citing them.
  3. Create an outline: Arrange your essay in a neatly defined outline. This step means the difference between a stellar all-starrer and a mediocre also-ran! Write down your major points supporting your position and give three (or more) points as evidence or further support. Every main point along with the supporting evidence makes one paragraph.
  4. Write, re-write, edit, and revise your introductory paragraph. Your introduction should grab the reader and drag them into your argument. Express your position after the opening lines so that your reader knows what is coming next.
  5. Whether you are pro or anti-religious freedom, your arguments and position should not be based on your emotional “reaction”. Of course, your essay will and should have a hint of emotional involvement, but that should not be the basis of your writing. Make your work convincing rather than combative.

Writing an essay on freedom of religion may be an emotionally charged undertaking for some. It is also a privilege to be able to write your heart out about it. Balance the advantage and disadvantage of your topic to create something great. Do not shy away from hard stances and controversial evidence. In addition, if at any point this becomes too much of a task, look for outside help!

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