How To Cite An Essay: A Simple Manual For Middle School?

Middle school students follow some basic instructions and formalities to cite an essay without structural errors. The content of the paper must have clarity with good formatting to attract readers. The essay should not be incomplete without introduction, thesis statement, body and the conclusion. In addition, the content formatting tasks must be done with care to avoid caustic criticism.

Choose Right Content Formatting Style

In most modern convent schools in America, middle school students have to use APA and MLA writing styles to cite their essay. They have to mention the reference books with author names. According to APA style, names of multiple authors need to be specified separately with commas. However, in some cases, it is permissible to use ampersand ‘and’ to place the author’s names in juxtaposition. Secondly, use the full date, month and year of the publication of the book. In APA format, the title should not be capitalized and underlined. The first letter of each word of the title will be capitalized without italics. Middle school students have to mention editors’ names when they cite their essays. Usually, students have to use commas to separate names of two editors. Abbreviated Ed form can be used to mention cluster o f editors in the content. While writing the book names or any quoted statement within parenthesis, mention abbreviated “pp” with page number.

Guidelines for Content Formatting

On the other hand, middle school students also use the MLA style to cite the informative essays. However, they must be acquainted with the procedures to do the complete paper formatting. MLA format is acceptable to international schools in America and other foreign schools. Samples on MLA formatting are useful to students to increase the accuracy in doing the overall content editing and formatting. In MLA style, the parenthesis needs to be used with multiple sentences. Restrictions on the usage of complicated complex sentences are entertained. Therefore, try to write short sentences with parenthesis s without dependent clauses. In MLA formatting, it is necessary to give the details of the publishers briefly. Book publication date and the place of the book publication must be included in the content.

Online manuals are available for middle school students who need to have good familiarity with the formatting. They will have to read these manuals to have the prompt guide to format the write-ups. Free service manuals and online guide from experts provide some unique methods to write the best content in citing the essay.

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