How To Find Brilliant High School Position Essay Topics

Position essays are both argumentative and persuasive in nature. They require the writer to take a stance or ‘position’ on a subject and defend that viewpoint in such a way that the reader becomes convinced of its merit. Finding good topics for this style can be a bit tricky but here are a few tips that might help:

Pick an idea you feel passionate about

If you’ve ever tried to argue a point that really matters to you it will be clear how different this experience is from just digging for points to satisfy someone else’s agenda. Passion makes people try harder. You need to have this tool at your disposal. It also makes the process more satisfying.

Don’t get too controversial

Some high school teachers are very accepting of controversial viewpoints and will appreciate the bravery it takes for a young student to defend them. Others will fail you outright. If you suspect your idea is too controversial, scale it back as much as you can so that your grades don’t suffer. If you must, write it in private and read it to people who will understand your vision.


If you feel uncertain about your skills and you lack a topic you feel passionate about, pander to the teacher’s tastes. It’s shameless but sometimes it works well. Don’t show your classmates your assignments though. They may respect you less.

Here are some topics that you can try out:

  • Should all toys be gender neutral?
  • Are feminists destroying civilization?
  • Should the right to mock religion be enshrined in law?
  • Is involvement in show business at an early age a form of parental abuse?
  • Should toddlers be banned from consuming high fat and high sugar foods?
  • Is there evidence for climate change?
  • Could rising sea levels present a wonderful opportunity for the real estate industry?
  • Should animal rights activists be legally required to care for homeless people as well?
  • Can smiling more lead to a more positive outlook and feelings of wellbeing?
  • Should driving tests be revised to include the complete defensive driving curriculum?
  • Has the emergence of social media as an international platform led to increases in group think?

Some of these topics are a tiny bit controversial and others can be used in any environment. Better yet, you may have a very different viewpoint to the one most people will expect. This is what makes your position essay unique.

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