Obama Care

Obamacare is law put into effect by President Barack Obama in 2010. Also known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA), this basically helps all Americans in the United States access affordable healthcare coverage. This law enables Americans access to quality care but others feel it is a mandatory act that means people must obtain some form of health insurance. Before the law was in place millions of Americans were without health insurance. While millions have signed up for coverage, others still have yet to do so. If you do not have coverage you could pay thousands in fines. So why people are still debating this law if it makes it easier for people to get needed health coverage?

There are a few problems with the law and the highest court in the country (Supreme Court) is still trying to sort out related issues. The law makes it possible for people to obtain health coverage for the year. They have to sign up for it through an authorized insurance provider or through the Obamacare website. The law has subsidies in place to help make the cost more affordable, but these are also under debate. The Supreme Court questions whether it is fair to make all states participate in this option.

Many people wonder why the law was passed in the first place when lawmakers knew they were going to have issues to deal with later. Some states do not want to participate in the option because they fear of losing Medicaid funding or other related assistance from the government. Then, you have small businesses and organizations that claim they can’t afford to provide their workers with health insurance. Some businesses face heavy fines if they do not comply with this law. Even though more Americans are insured now than a few years, people feel this option is not affordable.

If you qualify for subsidies this could reduce your monthly premium. Yet, there are subsidies people do not qualify for. There are people who do not earn enough money to be able to sign up for health coverage. There are people who work decent jobs but a large amount of their income would go toward paying premiums. This makes taking care of other expenses literarily impossible. Then you have the penalty to pay if you do not have coverage for that tax year. If you couldn’t afford to pay the monthly premium how are you supposed to pay the penalty for having no insurance?

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