How to choose a proper type for an essay

Students across the world are supposed to create essays on different subjects. Even though all essays have, the basic same structure but their type can vary depending upon the purpose and content. Usually an essay begins with the introduction paragraph, where you present your topic to the readers. This is where you get the chance to hook your audience and give them an overview about your subject. The second thing after the introduction is the body of the essay. A five-paragraph essay has three body paragraphs. The number of these paragraphs however, directly relates to the major arguments in an essay. If you develop four major arguments for your stance then you will have four body paragraphs. The last thing in your essay is the conclusion paragraph. This is where you will summarize your essay and show how you successfully addressed the issue under discussion.

Different essay types

Personal narrative essays

A good example will be a college admission essay.

Compare and contrast essays

The type of essay where you compare two different sides for similarities and differences.

Research essays

These essays are more like research papers. They are a little complicated than the usual essays. You need to research on a certain subject and conclude in a precise manner.

Expository essays

Expository essays are one the easiest essays you will ever write. You need to explain something in your essay. They are informative in nature and should not include subjective opinion of the writer. You can use real life examples in this kind of essay to make it more relatable and easy to understand for the reader.

Process essays

Process essays are simple. The topic for these essays usually starts with “how to.” This kind of essay is a simple explanation to a gradual process. You need to explain a certain process to your readers with the help of examples. For example, how to start your own business online.

These are all the major types of an essay. You can choose a certain style depending upon your skills and the requirements. If you are good at convincing people then you should write an argumentative essay. If you are a funny person, you need to write a funny comparison essay. The choice of the essay type depends on two things.

  • One, the purpose of the essay
  • Two, the skills of the person writing it

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