A List Of Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics To Look Into

Writing a good essay is not usually something that so many students are willing to deal with face to face. There is a good reason why lots of students find it rather difficult to get to write some really good papers. When you come to think about it, it takes a lot of skill for you to be able to compose one of the finest expositions so far, so when you are asked to go controversial about the task, it can become quite the challenge for those who are not prepared.

That being the case, the biggest challenge in such tasks is never really the writing, but the key lies in the essay topic that you choose. When given such a task to go about, so many students end up thinking too hard about what they need to do, too hard that they end up going off topic. However, if you stay true to the cause, you will be able to get a good head start, and finally come away with a really inspiring if not controversial paper.

Since the secret to success lies in a good topic, let’s take some time and get you some sample titles that you can work with. Remember that these titles are carefully selected and constructed, and in the event that you are not able to use any or all of them, you can borrow a thing or two on how to construct a good one.

  1. Discuss the issues surrounding the legalization of the abortion pill.
  2. With a view to the concept of right to life, explain why it is unfair to hold the discussion on abortion, while those who are for abortion have already been born.
  3. Are open adoption records a good idea or is this one of the worst ways ever to handle the adoption process?
  4. Discuss the challenges that airline strikes pose to airline security, and the risks that this sets to national security.
  5. Dog breeds such as the pit bulls need to be banned from production. Discuss.
  6. Today there are a lot of people who keep different kinds of animals as pets and exotic animal pets have been on the rise. Explain why this infringes or whether it does not infringe on animal rights.
  7. The concept of genetic engineering is on the rise. With relevant examples and supporting theories, discuss the ethical challenges behind this.

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