Coming Up With Unique Persuasive Essay Topics For High School

There are literally thousands of persuasive essay topics which can be considered by high school students. The tricky part can be in choosing something which is ideal for a particular student. And when the task is to find a unique persuasive essay topic then the task gets even harder.

It's vitally important that in high school students learn to choose topics which are ideal for them. This means that they either like the topic, have a bank of knowledge to draw upon to write about that topic, or would like to study this topic in more detail in the near future. If you choose a persuasive essay topic which you find boring or which is shallow or for which you don't discover sufficient research material to back up your argument then you are in trouble.

The secret to finding the ideal persuasive essay topic which is itself a unique takes a bit of thinking. First of all yet to find a topic which you like or want to write about but then you have to decide if that topic is rarely if ever written about. How do you do that?

We need to make a distinction between finding a unique persuasive essay topic and finding a well-known persuasive essay topic which you write with a unique approach. This distinction is very important. It might be almost impossible to find a unique persuasive essay topic but it's certainly not difficult to contrive an angle or approach to writing about it. That could be your key to success. And if all else fails you can always take a topic you like and brainstorm it in the hope that you will come up with something unusual. Here are some persuasive essay topics which you might be able to brainstorm.

  1. The plays of William Shakespeare should be edited for modern audiences.
  2. Textbooks should be replaced by tablets and other digital devices.
  3. All workers should be allowed to access social media during their work periods.
  4. Graffiti which is art should be encouraged.
  5. In some cities there should be a law which allows only one car per family.
  6. All doctors should deliver placebo treatments.
  7. Internet shorthand symbols should be listed in the dictionary.
  8. Animals as pets should be allowed into all hospitals.
  9. If media outlets publish mistakes they should be fined heavily.
  10. There should be a law which prevents people from marrying before they are 21.

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