A List Of Exciting Cause Or Effects Topics You Wouldn’t Think Of

When writing a cause and effect essay or paper, it is easy to pick a commonly-discussed topic. If you have come here, you most likely want to break away from the crowd and cover an interesting, fresh topic. Look no further. Continue reading to find a selection of interesting cause and effect topics that will interest writer and reader alike.

Technology Cause and Effect:

  • What exactly causes a video game to be genuinely popular?
  • Online shopping: Does it cause people to spend more money?
  • Social media’s impact on modern relationships
  • How does the gradual move from computers to mobile devices and tablets affect the way we use and search the internet?
  • What has caused Google to be the most popular and most widely used search engine?
  • Social effects of nearly every person on the earth owning a cell phone

Education Cause and Effect:

  • Do all male or all female classes or schools affect the way that children learn and perform on assignments and tests?
  • Positive and negative effects of enforcing a school-wide uniform
  • What causes American students to generally perform at a lower level than other countries?
  • The effect that fine arts poses on students
  • What effect does an “open campus” have on high school students?

History Cause and Effect:

  • What exactly caused the massive increase in interest and participation in feminist movements in the 1960’s and 1970’s?
  • The effects of world travel for World War II veterans
  • Effects of World War II on Jewish people
  • Cause and effect of the Revolutionary War in the viewpoint of the British
  • What exactly causes problems that surround illegal immigration?
  • Effects of American drone attacks on American enemies
  • The cause of the events of September 11th, 2001 and the effects on the American people as well as the world

Medical Cause and Effect:

  • What exactly has caused the massive rise in numbers of obese children in America?
  • What causes Cancer? What exactly are the effects, both physically and mentally?
  • The effects of an abortion on a woman’s body
  • The effects of regular preventative dental check-ups and care
  • What causes people to lose their vision?
  • What causes people to lose their hearing in old age?
  • Social effects of having braces on teeth

The topics listed here are just a small sample of the multitude of cause and effect essay topics that have the potential to be covered. If you are interested in writing a one-of-a-kind and exciting cause and effect article, feel free to pick any one of these topics here, or do some research.

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