Coming Up With Interesting Literature Essay Topic Ideas

Tips to find out ideal essay topic for you

A good essay topic is easy to find if you analyze your area of interest and your knwolede in that area. Most of the students prefer going through the outdated scholarly journals or essay samples to copy ideas. Instead of that, if you do a little reality check and couple it up with a brainstorming session with your mentor, then you are bound to come up with a fantastic idea.

Which parts of literature can be considered?

There are many parts in literature that have mettle to be explored in an article- like allegory, poetry, psychological aspect, technical nitty-gritty of writing, drama, influences of war or racism on literature. Mainly, students tend to focus on the central characters of a book more, rather than, on the merit the book holds as a piece of literature. If you want your article to stand out, take a different stance.

12 interesting literature essay topics

  1. The similarities and differences of the idea of marriage in Shakespearean comedy and tragedy. Describe these two segments in an interesting compare-and-contrast article body.
  2. Write a persuasive article on the theme of Infidelity in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and how it reflected women emancipation in late 19th century Russia.
  3. Rudyard Kipling was as aghast by India as he was enamored by its charm, and it reflected on his writings also. Explain this contradiction in your article by citing examples of Kipling’s writings on India.
  4. Love, sexuality and strong racial identity in modern Japanese crime novel genre. Take examples of at least two female and two male authors’ writings.
  5. What makes Antigone the most tragic heroine of Greek tragedies? Describe in a persuasive tone in your article.
  6. Write an article with strong and supportive points on how the portrayals of African-American males in most of the Tony Morrison’s novels are nothing less than stereotypical ones.
  7. The writings of authors from Indian Diaspora in America, reveals longing for their homeland and a mixed emotion about USA.
  8. Write an article on the depiction of old age in the novels of Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
  9. Rumi’s poetry where the beloved becomes one with the god.
  10. The teen age American novels are sustaining on sexual fantasy and a dysfunctional family system.
  11. How women’s positions were depicted in the English medieval texts over the years?
  12. The differences of metaphors used in Camus’s and Kafka’s literary works.

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