A Guide to Academic Writing: Good Essay Topic Examples

Students should make lots of efforts in order to learn how to write good academic papers. Essays are the most popular writing assignments that students have to prepare frequently. The first important thing to consider is to select a good essay topic. Remember that each good essay topic should meet the following criteria:

  • The topic is focused and understandable.
  • It shows the general direction and outlines important aspects of the study.
  • The topic does not claim something obvious or well-known.
  • The readers find the topic interesting and want to learn what the paper is about.
  • It does not contain grammar and spelling errors.

If you do not feel confident composing your essay topic, you should use essay topic examples and learn what other students write about. Examples of academic writing have a number of potential uses for students. They are:

  1. Use topic samples as a source of inspiration.
  2. When you procrastinate and cannot come up with a good essay topic, you may start by looking though a collection of essay topics online. It is better to search by subject so you will understand what potential topics related to a chosen subject you can cover in your essay. You might have never thought of some ideas otherwise. It is fine to use the same topic as in a sample, as long as you study the topic and write the essay yourself.

  3. Learn about the subjects that students write about.
  4. Students often have trouble trying to decide what subjects they should study. If this is the case, it makes sense to search for potential study topics within your course program. For example, if you have to prepare a paper for a history class, you need to look for potential essay topics in history. It is better to use keywords so you will find a good topic faster.

  5. Understand how students formulate their topics.
  6. Some students know what they want to write about, but they cannot formulate their topics. Essay topic samples help students come up with the right words and phrases to tell the readers the important things about their essays. Pay attention to how others outline certain aspects of study subjects, what vocabulary they use, and how long the topics should be. Obviously, it is better to compose a short topic. If you use many words, you may confuse your reader and your supervisor will ask you to shorten your topic. However, you should check whether your topic is too broad or narrow. Either way, you will have to correct it.

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