Argumentative Essay Topics: Finding Fresh Ideas

One of the hardest things to do in many essays, is finding fresh ideas for topics. It is not because they are not out there, it is knowing where to look for them. When found, they can help in finding fresh ideas for argumentative essay topics. This is what we will be looking at in this tutorial.

  1. Newspapers and Journals
  2. Subject Books and Textbooks
  3. Videos and Shows
  4. Brainstorming

Newspapers and Journals

Newspapers and journals can offer many ideas from the stories they have inside of them. It is the same for magazines, with their stories. Reports on news, new things on the market, and many other stories they have inside them, can help form ideas. Even for an argumentative essay, it is up to the view of the student to find and choose what will help them develop their argument.

Subject Books and Textbooks

Books on the subject the student is writing about, can show issues the student may disagree with, or agree with. Either way, they can form the basis for an argumentative essay. Textbooks will never have information everyone will agree with, not even instructors. How often has the student heard the instructor say they did not agree with what was said? It happens more often than not, and because of this, the student can write why they disagree with the instructor on that subject. They can even write, if they agree, an essay arguing the support of the instructor. It is always better to write what the pupil actually believes, and not just to impress the professor.

Videos and Shows

Watching videos and shows on the subject, can bring ideas as well. A history student might watch a show or video on the fall of Rome, and then write an argument why they believe the theory is right or wrong. Devising a sound argument, is much easier to do, when you write from a stated source. Then work towards the writer’s own thoughts on the subject. It is also much easier to make fresh, when the student researches different material, and finds newer information.


Looking at what the subject matter is, and trying to find a fresh topic, can come by just brainstorming. Get a blank piece of paper, and think of everything that the student has ever heard on the subject, and write them down. After about an hour, stop and go through everything written down, and see if there is anything the student feels strongly about. Then that will be your topic. If not, then try working off the thing the student disagrees with the most.

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