Exciting Middle East Essay Topics For College Students

The Middle East is an area rich in ancient, modern and contemporary history and culture. For this reason, the Middle East is plentiful in essay topics for college students. Some of the major areas of interest within this culture are religion, diet, geography, government, war, and other issues of history. We have outlined 12 exciting essay topics of this variety for college students. Check them out below to get your ideas flowing for your next similar assignment!


  1. What evolution of religion have we seen—if any?
  2. How is religion used in government?


  1. How has geography shaped diet?
  2. How does diet compare to that of other cultures?


  1. How have the countries divided? How have they joined?
  2. What are the benefits of the Fertile Crescent?


  1. How do radicals meet with democracy? Is it possible?
  2. How do allies operate? What allies are there within the region?


  1. The Superpowers and the Middle East—what role do these each play with one another? What has that meant in terms of war?
  2. Is revolution or outside conflict more responsible for modern conflict of this region?


  1. Impact of Relations between Israeli and Arab States—what drawbacks do we have? How could we develop a mutually beneficial relationship in an idealistic world?
  2. Can money purchase peace?

Thing to Remember for all Term Papers:

Keep in mind, when selecting a topic you want it to be original, supportable, and relevant.

  • Original: Going with an original idea will be better because it will keep you interested in the work. This will translate into more engaged writing on your part, holding the attentions of your readers much more effectively.
  • Supportable: Although an idea may be unique and interesting, it is nothing without support. Always be sure the area you choose to research has plenty of sources of support available to you.
  • Relevant: Make sure the area you research is relevant to the assignment! You can be sure by thoroughly reading the prompt, rubric, and/or instructions.

By looking at the religion, diet, geography, government(s), war(s), and other shaping aspects of the Middle East, we can better understand its cultures and countries. Use these ideas to spark your next college essay topic. With these preparations you will be smooth sailing!

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