Top 25 Interesting Examples Of Scholarship Essay Titles

Getting into graduate or undergraduate programs is difficult enough. An even more daunting task is figuring out a way to pay for these schooling options. One of the main sources of tuition for students is through scholarships and grants. While grants are provided by the government, a scholarship is handed out by an individual scholarship organization, company or charity. To get one of these awards, students must create a winning scholarship essay. For some ideas and help getting started, students can check out this list of 25 interesting scholarship essay topics.

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25 Engaging Scholarship Essay Titles

  1. My Adoption: A Chance at a Whole New World of Possibilities

  2. Volunteering Through the Ages: Taking Part in a Historical Trend Towards Charity and Helping the Less Fortunate

  3. An Alternative Education: My Start-Up Business and Entrepreneurship Attempts in High School

  4. How Swimming Taught Me the Values of Commitment and Dedication

  5. Speaking Clearly: Discovering a Passion By Volunteering With a Speech Therapist

  6. Testing the Waters: A Journey Into the Political Realm Through Personal Activism

  7. Experiencing the World: How Volunteering Abroad Changed My Life

  8. Dreaming the Impossible and Achieving the Improbable

  9. Jumping From Base to Base: The Benefits of a Military Career in Higher Education

  10. “Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?”: My Experience in Conquering a Childhood Spent in Poverty

  11. Learning From the Best: How My Science Teacher Changed My Life

  12. Choosing the Role Models Who Set the Course for My Future

  13. Ending Discrimination by Working With Organizations to Use More Diverse Hiring Methods

  14. Leaving My Home Country: A Journey to a New World, Language and Culture

  15. An Ambitious Future: How My Environmental Degree Will Help to Limit Hunger in the World

  16. Stepping Outside the Box to Find New People, Ideas and Dreams

  17. I Choose Join the Mathematics Graduate Program!

  18. Juggling Two Jobs, Sports and Volunteer Work: How I Learned From a Hectic Few Years

  19. The Impact of Diversity on College Campuses and Workforce Hiring Processes

  20. The Gentleman's C: Not Enough for the Modern College Student

  21. The Economic Reasons Why Scholarships Increase the Price of Higher Education And Why I Will Still Need to Get One Anyway

  22. My Hero: A Mother, Cook, Driver, Worker, Caregiver and Artist Rolled Into One Person

  23. Why Science Ended Up Being My Favorite Class—And How Society Can Get More Girls Into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Programs

  24. A Whole New World: Triumphing Over the Strict Rules of a Military High School

  25. Thinking Outside the Box: A Possibility for a New Future

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