How to Create an Outstanding Essay: Topic Selection Guidelines

Selecting a topic for an outstanding essay is much like picking clothes. When you pick clothes you want to choose a unique article of clothing, which interests you, and suits your needs. For instance, on a cold snowy day, I wore a cream colored parka with fur trim. I loved the style of the coat because it was unlike anything I had seen before. The color and fit matched my preferences, and the cold day called for it. Similarly, when selecting a topic, you want to make sure your topic the fits certain guidelines. You want your topic to be original, interesting, and relevant.


Foremost you want to select an original topic. Select a topic that has not been done many times before. This will help hold your interests, utilize new research, and keep the attentions’ of your readers. Ways you can find new and original topics are by looking to new sources, social media, and other emerging information outlets. These sources have the freshest and most current topics available.


Next you want to make sure the topic is interesting. Nothing is worse than reading or writing about a boring subject. By selecting a topic you feel personally interested with your writing will be more engaging and stimulating. This will better captivate your audience and hold their attentions. In addition to holding your audience’s attentions, choosing an interesting topic for yourself will also keep you from getting bored with the research writing process.


The relevance of your topic can affect your grade most of these three guidelines. With the right topic, you can set yourself up for success, but in the event that you topic is weak or off-point your grade will suffer as a result. Make sure you fully understand the assignment and what is expected of you before selecting a topic and beginning your work. By understanding the assignment thoroughly you better prepare yourself to properly complete the work.

With an original, interesting, and relevant topic you will set yourself up for an outstanding essay. Think of your topic like clothing, you want the clothes to fit your needs and preferences. Search for something unique, that you find interesting, and that fits the need—with these three guidelines you will select a strong topic for an outstanding essay.

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