Writing Hints: What The Proper Essay Format Is

Essay writing is one of the most popular tasks students attempt throughout their academic careers. Even though students learn to write essays in their early grades, many students still struggle with the right format and structure of the essay. Most of the times, students are confused when they are to attempt different essay types.

Are you having a hard time figuring out the right format for an argumentative essay? Did you fail to follow the structure for a descriptive essay? Do you want to succeed with essay writing but the format stops you? Do you want to become an expert in writing winning essays for school and college? Do you have enough ideas for your essay but do not know how to organize them? Do you find it hard to distinguish between different styles and tones you will use in an essay? Does your paper seem messed up because you did not create an outline before you start? Do you want to edit your draft of the essay to fit the right format?

Well this should not be hard. You need to know the proper format for your essay. You need to understand that all essays follow the same format. Whether you need to write an argumentative essay, a persuasive essay, a descriptive essay or a research paper style, all of them will follow the same format.

Proper format for an essay

An essay starts with the introductory part. This is the first paragraph in your essay. You need to present your topic in this paragraph. The introduction should be able to do two things in your essay.

First thing, it should be able to present your topic to the readers. Do not start by a dictionary definition of your topic. Present it in a catchy way. You can start by an interesting fact or figure that can capture your readers. It should also be able to explain what the rest of your essay will talk about.

After the introductory section, you will write the body paragraphs of your essay. If your essay has 3 major arguments, you will have three body paragraphs. If your essay has 4 major arguments, you'll have four body paragraphs and so on.

The last point in your paper is the concluding part. This should be a summary of the entire essay. Make sure you finish your essay on a clear note.

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