20 Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics Worth A Discussion

How would you describe an argumentative essay?

  • It is an essay that is used by two debaters to argue about a certain topic and let a neutral party (like a judge) decide which debater’s argument is the best one.
  • When a teacher has a student write an argumentative paper the student picks a controversial topic to write about.
  • The writer will discuss two opposite views regarding the chosen subject matter.
  • Then, the student will pick one of the views as the best one and will provide facts and evidence to support that particular view.
  • The supporting facts and evidence will be used to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s viewpoint on the topic.
  • The student will ensure that they discuss the opposite view on the subject matter as well.
  • The argumentative writing discusses a controversial issue, then states the two main viewpoints on that issue, and states which viewpoint is the best one.

How to write an awesome argumentative essay?

  • The Introduction of the paper is only one paragraph in length, it states the thesis statement (topic as a question), states the writer’s viewpoint on the subject, and states the significant points that support the writer’s perspective on the matter.
  • The Introduction will also discuss the opposite perspective on the selected topic.
  • The Body of the essay ranges from three paragraphs to seven paragraphs.
  • The Body of the paper will have a separate paragraph for each main point that discusses the writer’s take on the topic.
  • Each paragraph will have facts and evidence that represent each significant point.
  • There will be a separate paragraph that will discuss the opposite view of the argument on the subject matter.
  • The Conclusion will summarize the thesis statement, paraphrase the main points, and finalize why the writer’s argument is the best one on the topic.

Here are twenty controversial topics that can be discussed in an argumentative paper:

  • Topic #1: The Indiana government is passing a law where private companies cannot be sued for refusing to serve same-sex couples.
  • Topic #2: Why some states allow people to commit suicide if they suffer from a terminal illness?
  • Topic #3: Why the US Congress refuses to support President Obama with signing a “Peace Treaty” with Iran concerning their Uranium production?
  • Topic #4: Who runs the United States government in 2015 President Obama or Congress?
  • Topic #5: Should girls be allowed to play football at any level from high school to professional?
  • Topic #6: Has social media played a part in individuals having less personal interaction with each other?
  • Topic #7: Can the new Roman Pope bring the Catholic religion into the 21st Century?
  • Topic #8: Who has a better chance of winning the US Presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush?
  • Topic #9: Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
  • Topic #10: Should Israel be required to give Palestine Statehood?
  • Topic #11: Evolution vs. Biblical Creation?
  • Topic #12: Atheist vs. Christian?
  • Topic #13: Race Relations in the 20th Century vs. Race Relations in the 21st Century?
  • Topic #14: Has race relations declined or improved over the years?
  • Topic #15: Should teenagers be allowed to become transgender?
  • Topic #16: Should black adults be allowed to adopt white children?
  • Topic #17: Has advancements in technology harm or approve today’s society?
  • Topic #18: Do celebrities have great influence over individual’s political views?
  • Topic #19: Do celebrities have great influence over society as a whole?
  • Topic #20: Should children be required to attend a four year college or trade school?

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