The Best Collection Of Sample Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a piece of writing designed to convey a certain thought of yours to readers. At the same time, the thought need not be proved by any special arguments. You simply describe an interesting experience, a situation from your life, a place, an animal, whatever. That’s why topics for such an essay can be so incredibly diverse.

If you need to write a narrative essay but cannot create any topics on your own, you can try either asking your teacher for suitable suggestions or searching on the Internet for inspiration. Below, you will find a list of suggested narrative essay ideas that can be used as is.

  1. Your most interesting countryside trip.

  2. The most dangerous adventure you’ve ever undertaken.

  3. The toughest disease that you’ve ever endured.

  4. The best wedding you’ve ever been to.

  5. The most responsible job that you’ve ever done.

  6. The most unhappy day in your life.

  7. The best time of your life that you would love to live once again.

  8. Something that has made you believe in God.

  9. A memorable encounter with a celebrity on the street.

  10. An experience that has made you change your mind about somebody.

  11. An encounter that has proved that appearance is nothing if you want to know a person.

  12. The first time you’ve seen a hurricane with your own eyes.

  13. The most stunning natural phenomenon that you’ve ever seen.

  14. A day when everything went totally right (or wrong).

  15. Something that has changed your taste in music.

  16. The most interesting book you’ve ever read.

  17. The best movie based on a book that you’ve watched.

  18. The most moving song that always touches your soul.

  19. Something that has divided your life into “before” and “after”.

  20. A fictional place that you would love to visit.

As you can see, topics for a narrative essay are quite simple, so you can create a number of them simply by looking around. You need to remember that the best narrative essay topics are the ones that make you want to speak. They inspire you to share your experience with other people, and make it interesting for them. One more thing to remember: choose only those topics which allow you to speak about your own experience, thoughts, and emotions. If you choose a topic that has nothing to do with your personality, the narration will lack trustworthiness, and you will have difficulty making it sound catchy for readers.

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