Creating A Descriptive Essay About Nature: Writing Tips And Tricks

What is a descriptive essay?

The descriptive essay is one that gives a detailed description of an individual, person, place, thing, environment, or surrounding. The descriptive writing will give the description based on the five senses of the chosen readers like sound, smell, sight, taste, and touch. The descriptive writing discusses the topic in a very detailed manner.

How to write an effective descriptive essay on nature by using these tips and tricks?

  • The student must be observant of their surroundings and choose a topic that will be fun to write about.
  • The descriptive paper should paint a beautiful picture for the reader of the subject matter must use the five senses to describe the topic, and use your descriptive tools.
  • The student should only choose the descriptive details of the chosen subject that will support their thesis statement.
  • The paragraphs of the descriptive term paper can be organized in any fashion.
  • The best way to organize the paragraphs of the descriptive paper is chronological order.
  • When writing the essay, the wording throughout should be very descriptive and not too vague.
  • With the wording of the writing, you want the reader to visualize having the subject matter right there in front of them or being there in the area being described.
  • The body of the descriptive term paper needs to discuss the most compelling details of the subject matter in an effective and efficient manner.
  • The Conclusion needs to be relevant and logical in nature.

Here are some compelling topics to write about in a nature descriptive essay:

  • Describe a park on a spring day.
  • Describe the devastating effects after a major hurricane, major thunderstorm, or tornado.
  • Discuss a horrid or beautiful landscape.
  • Describe a beautiful rift or beautiful rain forest.
  • Discuss what it was like to take a walk in the forest on a rainy day.
  • Describe your surroundings while on vacation in Africa or the Amazon jungle.
  • Sunrises and sunsets are always good to write about.
  • Discuss how an ocean looks during a hurricane or serious thunderstorm.
  • Describe how a cemetery looks late at night.
  • How a flower bed of flowers look after a rain storm.
  • Describe the general background of the neighborhood one grew up in.
  • Can describe the first rainbow you saw as a child after a rainstorm.
  • How a park looks at twilight or midnight.

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