How To Organize A 5-Paragraph High School Essay On Soccer In America

The topic of soccer has quite a few different angles you can explore. You can choose something related to the history of soccer in America, how the American soccer teams rank worldwide compared to other teams, certain players, the popularity compared to other sports and so on. There are two keys to making this essay successful. First of all, choose a topic that’s succinct and focused. Secondly, know the details for how to write a 5 paragraph essay.

Tips to narrow down your topic on soccer in America

  1. Start out with a general topic and then ask the questions who, what, where, when, why and how?

  2. Look at the answers to the above questions and do the following with each one. Ask the questions: what problems were faced? What were the motives? What difficulties were overcome? What groups were affected?

  3. You now have a pretty lengthy list. Use this list to choose a topic for your paper.

Tips to organizing your 5-paragraph essay

The first paragraph is your introduction. It’s the most important part of the entire paper. It provides the direction your writing will take. It also sets the tone. It needs to be worded so it grabs the reader’s attention, keeps their interest, and informs with clarity. Here is what you need to do:

  • Provide a description of the main idea, in one sentence.

  • Develop a thesis statement, or an answer to the writing prompt or research question. The thesis is the answer to this question

  • List your 3 main arguments or points in support of your thesis. Start with the most important first.

  • The next three paragraphs are your supporting ideas along with their examples and details. You can also include quotes, statistics and so on in these 3 paragraphs. They form the body of the paper.

  • Each paragraph should be structured as follows: first, write the main idea. Next write the argument or why you feel this main idea supports your topic. Finally, give your evidence. This is in the form of quotes, facts, statistics and examples.

  • The fifth paragraph is the conclusion. You must summarize your paper. This paragraph may prove to be a little bit difficult, but persevere. The conclusion should cover basically the same main points as the introduction, but you must use different wording.

Review your paper and ensure it has the necessary revisions to make it sound like it has a logical flow. Also clean up the spelling and grammar errors, and it is complete!

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