Academic Writing Strategies: the Top 100 Good Topics for Persuasive Essays

At some point during their academic careers, most students will need to write a persuasive essay. For this essay type, the student must basically create an argument and persuade the reader to change their viewpoint. Depending on the teacher, the student may be able to choose their topic or a prompt may be assigned to them. If the student must select their own prompt, some of the following topics are ideal for persuasive essays.

  1. Should anorexics be forced into treatment
  2. Should couples adopt internationally?
  3. Should pregnant women be mandatory tested for AIDS?
  4. Should college athletes be paid?
  5. Should abortions be illegal?
  6. Should child abuse be punished more?
  7. Is animal testing ethical?
  8. Are beauty pageants exploitative?
  9. Should bulemia be classified as life threatening?
  10. Should schools be co-ed?
  11. Should cosmetic surgery be covered by insurance?
  12. Should cities pay for more bike trails?
  13. How do laws influence climate change?
  14. Are there benefits to all-girl or all-boy schooling?
  15. Is fashion important?
  16. Should corporal punishment exist?
  17. Should euthanasia be allowed?
  18. Should the media focus on the economy more?
  19. Are recalls cost more than paying out settlements?
  20. Should drunk drivers have their licenses automatically revoked?
  21. Should English be the United States' official language?
  22. How can deforesting be prevented?
  23. Should drug addiction be treated as a crime?
  24. Does divorce hurt children?
  25. How do competitive college admissions hurt students?
  26. Should domestic violence be punished more severely?
  27. Should gay rights be more protected?
  28. Should exercise be required in the workplace?
  29. Does climate change effect the economy?
  30. Should technology be used in teaching?
  31. Should obese people pay more for health insurance?
  32. Should gambling addiction be counted as a disease?
  33. Should health class include sexual education topics?
  34. Is wearing fur unethical?
  35. Do field trips matter?
  36. Should kissing be banned in public?
  37. Should only energy efficient appliances be sold in stores?
  38. Are home or hospital births better?
  39. Is human cloning ethical?
  40. Should people with better genetics compete separately at athletic events?
  41. Should stem cell research be banned?
  42. Does healthy eating increase someone's life span?
  43. Does genetically modified food impact human health?
  44. Do derogatory lyrics effect the listener?
  45. How can immigration laws be enforced?
  46. How can society use less oil?
  47. Are obese people discriminated against?
  48. Should NASA create an outpost on the moon?
  49. Should people be required to donate blood?
  50. Should law enforcement be able to access social media profiles?
  51. Is milk actually healthy?
  52. Should military service be required?
  53. Should everyone be taught leadership skills?
  54. Should medical marijuana become legal everywhere?
  55. Does religion cause wars?
  56. Should teenage parents have to take parenting classes?
  57. Should people live on the moon?
  58. Should students have to listen to opera in music class?
  59. Should people take a test before they can become parents?
  60. Should psychics be scientifically studied?
  61. Does quality family time improve physical health?
  62. Should there be a maximum age for driving?
  63. Should paternity leave be as long as maternity leave?
  64. Has nuclear proliferation reduced war?
  65. Should public transportation be free?
  66. Should Puerto Rico become its own country?
  67. Should celebrities be protected from paparazzi?
  68. Are teenagers dependent on technology?
  69. Should recycling be mandatory?
  70. Do people need more sleep?
  71. Should smokers pay more for health insurance?
  72. Do advertisements change what people purchase?
  73. Do religions cause wars?
  74. Are space programs a waste of money?
  75. Does the SAT really matter?
  76. Is single parenting as good as two-adult households?
  77. Will it ever be possible to travel trhough time?
  78. Should violent video games be outlawed?
  79. Does pornography hurt relationships?
  80. Should more money be spent on stopping terrorism?
  81. Are women equal in society?
  82. Should state and community colleges be free?
  83. Should the voting age be lowered?
  84. Should alcohol be banned?
  85. Should people have a maximum amount of trash that they can throw away?
  86. Does college improve future salary rates?
  87. Should private prisons exist?
  88. Should teachers be required to get certified every five years?
  89. Should college sports exist?
  90. Should X-rays be used less frequently?
  91. Does money buy happiness?
  92. Should there be more snow days?
  93. Should there be limitations on free speech?
  94. Is a female president possible?
  95. Should parents pay students for good grades?
  96. Should homeschooling be allowed?
  97. Should pet abuse be punished more severely?
  98. Should bullying awareness classes be required?
  99. Should Internet access be free?
  100. Does the media impact a woman's body image?

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