Composing A Flawless High School Essay On Friendship Relationships

High school essays, while not at the peak of literature, still do require a level of excellence in order to acquire good grades. Many students find that at this point, they must now relearn the proper way to compose a paper to satisfy their teachers. Have no fear, there are many tricks a student can employ to make writing an essay simple and easy.

Essays have been around for centuries and it is unlikely they will be going anywhere anytime soon. As a result of its long existence, many different styles and tricks have been developed and refined to help writers create masterpieces based on their chosen styles. Follow these simple steps and you will easily write an excellent composition on friendship relationships:

  1. Consider your own experience on the subject
  2. Your own experiences are quite valuable in this exercise, especially because of its subjective nature. Feel free to express all of your opinions and thoughts on the subject, just be sure to make it clear that they are your thoughts and not that of a published paper.

  3. Research the most common problem people encounter
  4. Research is important in any venture and you must be sure to conduct your studies using accepted research methods. You could do some research on research methods to make sure that you are not making any simple mistakes that could discredit your paper.

  5. Formulate a hypothesis
  6. A hypothesis does two things, it serves as a framework for your investigation and it provides your paper with a theme or direction, making it clear what you paper is about. When creating this statement, you want to formulate an assumption on your subject of study, one that has defined conditions to be met that will make it true or false. This allows you to now conduct experiments or observations to see if your hypothesis is true.

  7. Conduct research
  8. Gather information to support or disprove your hypothesis and present this to your readers in a suitable format.

  9. Analyze your information
  10. For this part, it is helpful to have a peer assist you to ensure that you analyze the data without your personal biases contaminating your conclusions.

  11. End with a strong conclusion
  12. Your final statement must clearly state whether or not your hypothesis was proven true or false. Be concise, to the point and bold, this statement should serve to represent the meaning of all the information contained in your paper.

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