The Top 10 Topics To Make Your Essay On Scarlet Letter Stand Out

The Scarlet Letter is an interesting novel that reviews aspects of adultery. In some cases it is known as a controversial story because of actions some of the characters engage in. There are students that find this story interesting and captivating. Others feel certain aspects may be more complex to understand. These aspects are just a few things to keep in mind when considering topics for your essay. You know the story is known for a number of elements that make it stand out; these elements are potential ideas for a great topic such as the following:

  1. What is so significant about the Scarlet Letter? What were things that stood out in the story you want others to know about it?
  2. The setting of the story may have different views on the aspect of adultery as to how it is viewed in modern society. What are the differences?
  3. Was the punishment for adultery given to Hester right or did it not justify his actions? What punishment would you offer instead?
  4. What aspect of the Scarlet Letter people often find most confusing or difficult to understand. What information do you think people should know about the novel if they never read it before?
  5. In what ways does the setting described at the beginning of the story help set the tone or mood for readers?
  6. What did you get from the way the story concluded? Do you like how it ended or would you have changed it? Why do you think the author concluded it in this manner?
  7. Explain what you learned from your favorite or least favorite character. What elements of the character stood out to you the most?
  8. Does the Scarlet Letter change your views on adultery? Do you think the novel reflects how the author feels about adultery? What were significant elements you thought the author did a good job in creating in relation to the concept?
  9. Why do you think the author of the novel choose to write about adultery in this particular setting/plot?
  10. Did feminism play a role in how female characters were developed or portrayed in the novel? Do you think women were represented well or should certain aspects of the novel provided more or less detail about the women?

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