5 Things To Know Before Composing A Descriptive Essay

What is a descriptive essay?

The type of essay that explains a certain topic, object, event, place, personality or anything is called a descriptive essay. This type of essay is also called the expository essay.

Important things to help you create a great essay

Before you get started with your essay, you need to remind a few things. To get your reader engaged in the topic you need to be very vivid as if you are describing an image or a scene to your reader. You need to be very descriptive and imaginative so that your reader could get the clear picture of what you are delivering. Using your five senses, you could create an excellent essay. With the help of your senses, you could use sound. As it smelled like a rose, it was very huge as a mountain. Adding similes, personifications and metaphors would result in getting an outstanding descriptive essay. Another tip for writing a descriptive essay is to draw a rough sketch of your essay. It would aid you in sketching you essay.

Choose an engaging topic

Topic has to be very engaging. Therefore, that it could catch the reader’s attention. Your essay should have a proper thesis statement. This will help you in focusing on your topic and adding relevant information to your topic.

Follow the proper essay format

A general essay has five paragraphs. First paragraph is introductory paragraph; it gives introduction about your essay. Next three paragraphs relate to the body of the essay. In which one gives explanations about the essay and the last paragraph concludes the whole essay. Last paragraph summarizes the whole essay. Proper ending is required for an essay. Ending should be very precise and proper because ending remains long in the reader’s mind.

Use concrete examples

Support your essay with solid examples. You should use daily routine examples. This way it would become easier for the reader to understand by relating it to his daily life.

Add relevant data and facts

Essay should contain relevant data. It should revolve around your topic and thesis statement. If you will go anywhere irrelevant, it would result in losing focus and direction. Factual statements and examples are very important in writing an essay.

Edit and proof read

The key for a perfect essay is to edit and proof read your essay. This will help you in correcting your mistakes.

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