List Of Winning Sample Topics For An Expository Essay

An expository essay requires the writer to investigate a topic or situation thoroughly using scientifically approved methods of information finding, evaluate the evidence and form a conclusion. It must be written in a concise format and presented in a manner that makes it understandable to any reader. Here is a list of winning topic samples for an expository essay:

  1. The Marianas trench
  2. This area of earths ocean is home to many unique species and forms of life. Is the high expense and risk associated with deep ocean exploration worth the benefits?

  3. Benefits of vaccination
  4. Vaccinations have saved many lives but many still believe it does more harm than good, is this assumption true?

  5. Homosexual marriage
  6. Many religions condemn sex out of marriage but it is illegal for individuals of the same sex to be married in some countries. Should government law be allowed to decide matters of religion?

  7. The safest mode of transport
  8. Many people are afraid of flying yet statistics show air transport to be safer than all other forms based on the percentage of deaths. Why do these statistics fail the affect the fear that some people associate with flying?

  9. Birds are dinosaurs
  10. Birds are said to be the descendants of dinosaurs, find evidence to support or disprove this claim and show how this knowledge can be useful.

  11. Evolution is a fact
  12. Many people don’t believe that evolution is truly the explanation for the existence of all species on earth. Give evidence that proves them wrong.

  13. The creation of new elements
  14. In modern times it is possible to create new elements in the lab. Give reason to support the large amounts of money spent on this type of research.

  15. The threat modern civilizations pose to indigenous cultures
  16. Show how the beliefs of our current society pose a threat to the well being of populations of ancient cultures that still exist in isolated areas of the world.

  17. The greenhouse effect and global warming
  18. Give evidence to support that concept of global warming and show how humans are the ones responsible for its occurrence.

  19. Why protecting endangered species is important
  20. There are many species of organisms, both plants and animals, at risk of extinction, many as a result of human intervention. Millions of dollars are being spent on protection attempts for many of these animals. Should these moneys instead be spent on more profitable ventures?

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