20 Great Descriptive Essay Topics For Intelligence Bureau

Writing an essay on the subject matter intelligence bureau can be a pain. But, here are a few tips to assist you with this type of writing assignment.

Ten tips to use when writing an essay on intelligence bureau?

  • Tip #1: The subject matter picked has to be of interest to the student that they will enjoy writing about it.
  • Tip #2: Create an outline of the main points that will discuss on the subject matter since the paper can be no more than a 1,000 words.
  • Tip #3: The writer needs to draft an Introduction that will impress the reader and give a basic summary of what will discuss in the entire essay.
  • Tip #4: The main points of the subject matter should be written in separate paragraphs.
  • Tip #5: Each main point must have supporting evidence, facts, and figures to convince the reader to believe the writer’s viewpoint on the subject.
  • Tip #6: The Conclusion should be written in a manner that will summarize the paper completely.
  • Tip #7: Have a clear understanding of the main purpose of the Indian Intelligence Bureau.
  • Tip #8: The language of the term paper needs to be simply writing with no errors in spelling, sentence structure, and grammar.
  • Tip #9: The essay should be typed rather than handwritten because easier to read.
  • Tip #10: Take your time writing the paper and do a rough draft of the paper to be reviewed by a third party for errors.

Twenty interesting topics for an essay on the intelligence bureau:

  • How to deal with the unemployment rate in India?
  • Why is the rupee’s value depreciating in India?
  • How are relations between India and Pakistan in the 21st Century?
  • The value of Indian Rupee vs. the US Dollar.
  • How to deal with the increase of pollution in India?
  • How has India changed from the Youth Movement of the 21st Century?
  • How has outsourcing of jobs to India improved the country’s economy?
  • How has the education of Indian women improve the plight of the poor in India?
  • Why has India decided to invest heavily in small business creation?
  • Indian Education vs. US Education impacting immigration from India to America?
  • What are the major factors for the positive growth of the Indian economy?
  • Will India be affected by the crisis in the Middle East?
  • How can India ensure that more women play a vital role in the government?
  • What type of education and training does one need to be Prime Minister of India?
  • How to can law enforcement in Indian towns and villages stop the increase of women being raped?
  • How can India decrease the number of baby brides in the poor villages and poor towns?
  • How social media has sites like Facebook and Twitter play in bringing awareness to many of the social problems faced by India?
  • How has India been able to decrease the rate of illiteracy in the poorer villages and towns?
  • How has India become a contender in the fields of IT and Biotechnology?
  • Comparison of India’s economy in the 20th Century vs. the 21st Century.

These are just a few subjects to consider for an essay on intelligence bureau.

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