A List Of Funny Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College Students

A compare & contrast essay works to show the differences or similarities between two topics. You can also write one that works to show both the similarities and differences between two topics. You want to make sure that you write a paper that focuses on an interesting or even funny topic to make sure that you write an entertaining piece that people actually want to read. If you choose to compare & contrast in the same essay, it is best to write a two sentence thesis statement. There are two ways to handle the essay if you are going to talk about both. You would write at least three paragraphs on three different aspects that talk about both the similarities and the differences of each or you will create two paragraphs that talk about all of the similarities in one and then all of the difference in the other.

Here are some topics that you can choose from to write your paper. You will find the similarities and differences between the two things that you will be discussing. You can create a chart to help you develop the ideas that you will discuss.

  1. Renting a movie to going to the movies
  2. Flowers to weeds that look like flowers
  3. Halloween and Christmas
  4. Dictators to class president
  5. Nerd to snob
  6. Tornadoes to Hurricanes
  7. Dealing with teen and dealing with a toddler
  8. Men and women
  9. Camping in a tent and camping in a motor home
  10. Having a cat to having a dog

If you are writing a paper about whether it is better to have a dog or a cat, you will first need to find out the similarities and differences of having either one. You can say the similarities are that they both need care, they both need attention, and they both need medical checkups. Then you can discuss the differences between the two. They are different because cats are more independent, dogs are more protective, and cats are easier maintain.

Make sure to choose a topic that you find interesting and one that you can make sure that you can develop some really good ideas about. Then you will create a chart and an outline to make sure that you organize your ideas effectively. You need to focus on showing the similarities and differences in an easy to understand way.

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