5 steps to take to come up with an interesting essay topic

This might seem like common knowledge, but think about this: it is impossible to write an essay without a topic. So deciding on a topic is the most important step of crafting an essay. For students, choosing an interesting essay topic is incredibly difficult. Students should learn the five easy steps to creating an interesting topic.

Step 1: Write about something you find interesting. This should be the number one consideration for any writing assignment from essays to research papers to term papers. Whatever you choose to write needs to relate to the class you are taking, but you should always be able to find something interesting in that course. For example, if you have to write about Romeo and Juliet, you could write about different topics in the story - like violence, gangs, romance, parent-child relationships, etc.

Step 2: Narrow the topic. Since you are only writing an essay, you do not need a big topic. Students often fail to choose a useful topic because they pick a topic that is too broad. It can be helpful to use the Internet to narrow a topic by looking up subtopics for a large topic.

Step 3: Craft a yes-or-no question. In order to write a good essay, you will need to create a thesis statement based on your topic. The best way to check if your topic will fit into a thesis is to write a yes-or-no question about your topic. These questions can start with the word “should.” If you cannot create a good question about your topic, then you might not be able to defend the topic in an argumentative or persuasive essay. If you are writing about Romeo and Juliet, your question could be “Do the parent-child relationships affect the outcome of Romeo and Juliet?”

Step 4: Answer the question. Once you have a good yes-or-no question about your topic, you should then answer the question. Your answer will eventually develop into the thesis, which will be the real topic of your essay. You could answer the earlier question by writing: “The parent-child relationships affect the outcome of Romeo and Juliet.”

Step 5: Narrow the answer. The answer to the question is usually just a positive or negative sentence, so you will need to add something to the sentence to make it more specific. For example, you could change the earlier sentence by writing: “The parent-child relationship affects the outcome of Romeo and Juliet, because the parents did not provide positive support for their children.” This narrows the topic and makes the paper focused and interesting.

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