Great Instructions From An Experienced Writer: How To Make Your Essay Look Better

Here are some great pointers from an experienced writer on how to write an amazing essay:

  • #1: Never be afraid to ask for assistance from your teacher on picking a topic or subject matter for the essay.
  • #2: The essay has to have at least three paragraphs:
    1. Introduction;
    2. Body (at least 3 to 5 paragraphs); and
    3. Conclusion.
  • #3: All essays should always have a thesis statement in the Introduction paragraph as the last sentence.
  • #4: The essay should have no more than a 2,000 word count.
  • #5: The essay can be no more than five pages long.
  • #6: Always do research on the subject matter before start the writing of the essay.
  • #7: Sometimes it is good to create a preliminary outline on the subject matter before begin the research. This will help the writer decide if they have to select another subject for the essay.
  • #8: Never ever turn in the finished essay without having it reviewed by a third person to check for any problems with sentence format, spelling, or grammar.
  • #9: The student must ensure that they make all necessary corrections to the essay before passing it in to their professor.

How does an experienced writer format their essays?

The essay always has at least three paragraphs, but no more than seven paragraphs.

The essay has the following sections:

  1. Introduction: thesis statement, subject matter/topic, and significant points that support the subject.
  2. Body: between three to five separate paragraphs for each supporting point.
  3. Conclusion: sums up the main points, reiterates the thesis statement, and provides a summary as to why the reader should be on the side of the writer in reference to the topic.

The essay should be written in 12 point font in Times Roman.

Each sentence of the essay should be double spaced.

Each paragraph of the essay should be indented.

The essay should be typed in black ink.

If the essay is hand written, it should be hand written in black or blue pen ink.

The final version of the essay should not have any mistakes regarding spelling, sentence structure, or grammar.

An experienced writer always has a professional proofreader or editor look over their essays for possible errors.

An experienced writer never has any issue with taking constructive criticism from others to improve their writing skills.

An experienced writer always does essays on things they love, enjoy, or that is intriguing to them.

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