8th Grade Persuasive Essay Writing Prompts That Can Help You Get Inspired

Many times, it has been asserted that fine arts is a product of inspiration and to those who write after experiencing some intense reflections, the same can also hold true that writing is an inspirational affair. There are many different reasons why people write. There are those who do so to entertain and others engage in the composition of literary pieces to inform. Also, there are people whose main aim in the world of literature is to come up with texts that seek to persuade readers in one way or another. Well, in learning institutions, writing is a process that advances from one level to another. From the onset when teachers begin to impart this skill in students, it is always about general creativity on simple topics which are usually about people and events. However, as one advances to higher levels of learning, more is brought on board. Emphasis on originality, creativity and focus become watertight. The reason: teachers want students to gain a competitive edge in literary composition because in their view, this is a time tested necessity that is pivotal for the composition of a term paper. While there are students who come up strong and better than before, others witness little change in their cognitive abilities in as far as writing is concerned. And for persuasive essays, the going gets tougher. It is on this premise that this article is written. To guide an eight grade student on coming up with persuasive topics that are not only moving but also inspiration. So, let’s take a look at some prompts to start you off.

  • When partaking on composition a persuasive article, one trick of coming up with a great topic is to write on something you are passionate about. If is football, seek out a topic that will surely get people moved about the game.
  • If it about job performance and you want to teach people how to convince their boss they are at par with their work, look out for words that dig deep into one’s soul..
  • Petting is favorite thing to many people. This is an area you can create a great topic from such as convincing people that cats are better than dogs.
  • If you want to write about books and different genres, convince your readers why a certain popular book is a mystery genre.
  • People have different styles of cooking, so you can seek to convince people that a particular one is the best.

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