Important Things To Remember While Crafting A Persuasive Essay On Technology

Technology may be the single most important driving force behind the success of the humans species on planet earth and because of this, large amounts of time and resources are spent conducting research in this area. As research brings forth new information about the world around us, so too does it raise many questions, questions that can be exciting for some, or threatening to others.

As an author, it is your job to convey your intended message to your readers, in the clearest, most convincing way you can. This is a necessary skill for writing persuasive essays, its not always easy to change someone’s mind. To begin, the best approach is to plan your actions carefully, ensure you have access to all the information you need before you begin writing. Consider this list of important things to keep in mind as you attempt to complete a persuasive essay on technology:

  1. What are the benefits of technology
  2. Many people, believe or not, are way behind when it comes to technological familiarity and application. This often makes it quite difficult for you to communicate the benefits of these devices, because many people simply reject them before they find out more. By communicating the benefits of technology to the public, you will help encourage persons to become more familiar with them in general.

  3. What are the negative effects of technology
  4. Despite being very useful, technology also has many negative effects, on humans and the environment. While this not does help your case, it is also very important that we are all aware of the possible negative effects of technology. This way, we can better prepare to help reduce these effects or eliminate them altogether, where possible.

  5. How has technology changed our lives?
  6. Technology is, quite possibly, the most impacting thing humans have ever done. Go on to explain the different, major changes that came about as a result of technological advancement.

  7. What is your best prediction for the future of technology.
  8. You can spend a brief period, stating you ideas for the future of technology and what we can expect to see in a few years.

  9. How would you approach technologically ignorant persons with new technologies?
  10. The issue of getting people to make the change over to modern devices is a tough one. Explain how you would approach this task in hopes of achieve the best results?

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