How To Find Websites Providing Cheap Custom Essay Writing Services

With dozens of essay writing help services on the market, finding the right one for you, that will fit your budget can be a challenge. But following these 3 easy steps can help you find a cheap one that will work for you.

  1. Choose between general writing services and dedicated essay services
  2. The first step is to choose between general writing services and dedicated essay writing services. Countless general writing service websites exist, where either staff writers or freelance writers can be hired for any kind of writing, from academic and technical, to fiction, to blog writing. Beyond general writing services websites, there are also dedicated assignment writing websites, which may be a better fit for students. A simple online search will uncover dozens of these sites, many of which are dedicated to specific subjects. To choose between a general writing service and a dedicated assignment service, consider how specialized the topic of your assignment is, and what quality of work you are looking for.

  3. Ask around
  4. Ask friends if they can recommend one. This is the fastest way to find a good, cheap essay writing service.

  5. Decide how much you’re willing to pay
  6. In general, the lower the price of the writing service, the lower the quality of the work they produce. For a high quality product you should expect to be paying at least $15 per hour. Depending on the kind of assignment, and the level of writing that is expected of you, you could end up paying even more. But if you’re on a budget, finding a cheap service, then spending some time cleaning up their work can work well.

  7. Beware of scams
  8. As a general rule, before you employ any website for writing services, try to find reviews for it, and search to see if scams have been reported for it. You have to be particularly careful of scams when using an essay writing service, whether its online or local. One of the most common writing service scams is plagiarized material. Be sure to run the essay you get from the service through a plagiarism checking website before you turn it in. If it does turn out to be plagiarized, you can ask for your money back, but depending on how the website is run, it may be difficult to get it. Also beware of sites that use non-native English speakers, as awkward wording and syntax can ruin a paper.

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