A List Of University-Level Essay Topics You Should Try Out

When you get to college, everything is a lot different than high school. You’re expected to do more work on your own, ask bigger questions, and think deeply about topics in class. In high school, all you really need to prove is that you can write an essay; in college, you need to prove that you can write an essay about something important, something that matters. That means you need to be able to think critically about an issue and come to a logical conclusion, then show how you got to that conclusion. The biggest challenge when it comes to writing a paper in college is finding something interesting to write about in the first place! You want to show that you know what’s going on in the world, and that you can ask questions and think critically about important issues. Here are some great college-level essay topics that will impress your professors and set you on the track to success!

  • What are the motivations behind terrorist attacks, like the attack on Charlie Hebdo? Are they personal, cultural, or both?
  • Has America gone too far in terms of national security? Should the NSA have access to your phone?
  • How are illegal immigrants treated when they try to enter the US? Is deportation humane?
  • Why are zombies so popular right now in media? What is the appeal of zombies?
  • Are Americans addicted to fast food? Should there be laws against serving fast food to obese or very overweight people?
  • How did shopping malls become popular, and why do they remain popular? Is spending time in the mall good for teenagers?
  • How do drones affect the psychology of people living in remote, rural areas of the Middle East?
  • Should there be more allowances made in the classroom for children with Asperger’s or other personality disorders?
  • Is Facebook a positive or negative factor in modern life? Does it help or hurt normal socialization?
  • Is testing on animals ever okay? Does human health matter more than animal health?
  • Should college be free? How can the United States be more like European countries with free higher education?
  • Is Shakespeare still relevant today? What can we still learn from Shakespeare’s plays?
  • Should public schools be allowed to teach abstinence-only sex education? What are the consequences of abstinence-only sex education?
  • How did Monsanto get so powerful, and is there proof that GMO food is actually unhealthy?
  • Should there be a limit to how much you can contribute to a political campaign? How do campaign contributions corrupt government?

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