Useful Recommendations On How To Write A Problem Solution Essay

Well, a number of students always walk out of essay writing classes with little to smile about. The obvious reason for this is always that they never paid attention during the learning process. However, this is not always the case, as the essay tutor could not have been audible enough hence you are unable to grasp a concept on how to go about the artistic skill of writing. Great literary pieces always draw large audiences and in part make them stay for continuous reading. Suppose you were surfing the web and come across a great article, you will most likely download it but as a student, do you always ask the necessary questions even as you read? They could be questions like; what makes one come with such a great piece or is it all but a matter of inspiration as some say? There are different types of essays which an average to excellent should know how to go about. In this article, we delve into pertinent issues regarding tips for writing a problem solution essay masterpiece. Let’s take a nosedive.

Definition of the problem

From the onset, anyone reading an essay of this nature will always be looking forward to identifying a problem and at end see how it has been solved. But what about that individual who is reading without the knowledge it is of this nature? Well, it is all about setting the record straight. From the start of your writing, state the problem whose solution will be sought later.

Establishing the cause of the problem

Problem don’t just occur, there is always a cause for them. Your second paragraph should capture this. It is that section in which you let readers know the nature of the problem and what has likely caused it. There is no point in beating about the bush. Go straight to the causes and make your prose engaging. If necessary and depending on the number of your paragraphs you intend to write, you can also espouse the extent to which the problem has caused damage in this section or carried it forward.


A problem such as environment pollution will affect everyone in different ways. Therefore, if you are writing an essay on this, make sure to state the effects caused and then strike a balance among alternative solutions them resolve the issues in the last paragraph.

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