How to create a strong essay topic - a list of suggestions

Every student has to write many essays during their schooling years, in high school or college. The sooner every student understands that fact and learns the best way to achieve the goal of finishing the essay and getting the highest mark possible the better for all concerned. Time and again students will be told that the choice of essay topic plays a major role in the success of the writing.

Yes it's possible to write a terrific essay on a topic you don't like or know little if anything about. But if you want to have enthusiasm for your writing task then you should choose a topic which you love or are passionate about, already have some background knowledge or interest in or even intend to write about later in your education.

But how do you create a strong essay topic?

One of the first things you can do is to go online and look for websites which offer topics for students looking to write their next essay. You can direct your search engine to more specific areas and certainly can find a huge number of essay topics. Which ones appeal to you? Why is that so? Make a list of the topics which appeal to you.

Now place these interesting essay topics in order of priority. The one you would most like to write about goes at the top of your list working down towards the one you would least like to write about. Now you need to ask yourself some questions. Why have I chosen the top one? Why have I chosen a topic to be placed at the bottom?

It is when you understand your reason for liking or disliking a particular essay topic that you really get to create a strong essay topic.

Research is often your best guide

So you've chosen a topic or topics which you really think would make a strong essay topic and you need to research them. You're not actually writing the essay at this stage but you are looking to see how much relevant and accessible research material is available for those topics. If you can find plenty of that sort of information and it’s valuable and accessible then you are likely to create a strong essay topic.

Finally there's the asking situation. Certainly ask your teacher or professor. Do they think the topic you have chosen is a strong essay topic? Why do they think that? Can you argue against them to see what they had to say?

Only by testing what you think will be a strong essay topic can you genuinely discover if it is true.

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