How To Write An Effective Essay: An Academic Manual For Beginners

Are you thinking what the keystones of a good essay are? Are you finding it hard to write an academic essay because this is your first time? Do you want to write a great essay but do not know where to start? Do you think that the research process involved in academic essays is tiring? Do you want to win over your teachers and professors with high quality essay? Are you struggling with a certain section in your paper? Do you want to write good essays that have substance? Do you know how to choose a catchy topic for your essay? Do you want to find resources that can guide you with your essay writing process? Do you have many ideas in your mind but not sure how to organize them in an essay? Are you confused because you have tons of information on your subject? Are you worried because you cannot find relevant data to create supporting evidence in your paper? Do you want to develop strong major arguments for your essay?

  • As a beginner, you might need more hard work than usual to write an academic essay. If you switch your school or country, you will find numerous changes in the format and style of the academic assignments. You need to learn the norms and basics before you start writing any specific assignment
  • You need to be very careful with your first assignment because it will greatly affect your motivation level and skills. If you do not grade well in the beginning you might consider yourself a failure and give up trying next time. it is not necessary that you will get all of the features right in your first few attempts but you can still try to getting as close as possible
  • Pay maximum attention to the instructions when your teacher is delivering her lecture. Teachers often leave clues in their lecture to help students write their assignments. Make a list of all the instructions so that you can follow them while you write
  • Read expert written essays to develop an understanding of the format and tone of your essay. You will have a clear idea of the style and approach used by professional writers
  • Keep track of all the sources and references you use to find supporting evidence to strengthen your stance

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