An Academic Guide That Will Help You Choose Original Essay Topics On Nelson Mandela

Despite his recent pass away, Nelson Mandela is remembered for his work and effort in fighting for equal rights for the Black people in South Africa, bringing an end to the apartheid. He has overturned the government structure in South Africa, a country that had historically being ruled by the minority Whites. He had spent decades in the prison but did not stop his fight for freedom. Numerous movies, biographies and books were produced under his name or depicting part of his life. Here are some advice for you to choose an original essay topic on Nelson Mandela.

Library search

The first place to look at would be the library. You can find numerous collections, books, movies or even news archives that tells you the story of Nelson Mandela. Although you do not need know the man’s life by heart, it is best to start your essay off by knowing the parts that catches your attention.

Read through Mandela’s biographies

Read through how different people or Mandela himself have written on this topic, and how his life is depicted by various accounts. Only then will you be able to generate a balanced and original essay topic.


Sources are readily available online. Use the search engines and type the keywords like ‘Mandela’ and ‘essay topics’ would help you find some relevant ideas.

Consult lecturers

Your school would have a number of scholars that are familiar with Mandela and the history of South Africa during that time period. Consult their ideas and see if they can give you any insights to your essay.

Discussion with friends and families

Discussing with families and friends can be of great use if your ideas are somehow stuck in your head. Talking to help would help you organise your thoughts and help you to articulate your essay in a more original and concise way. Some of your friends might be from South Africa and their parents may have first hand experiences during that time period. Seek their advice.

Refer to similar essays

If nothing on Mandela has caught your eye, you can have a look at some essays that focus on another significant individual in the modern period. Knowing how other academics have approached the subject may give you a sudden bling in your mind.

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