A List Of Good College Essay Topics You Wouldn't Think Of

The first, and perhaps the most important step to composing a top quality college essay, is to think up a super subject. Of course, your instructor will be looking for proper essay format and a well-organized paper. However, you will score extra points if you take the time to track down a terrific topic. Keep the person grading your paper engaged, and even entertained (when appropriate!) and you are far more likely to get the great grade you need!

For some unusual and original ideas, take a minute to go through the following list that we have put together to help you out:

  • A New Twist On An Old Topic
  • Need a good college essay topic that deals with famous political figures in the UK? Take Sir Winston Churchill on. What were his favourite foods, books, and hobbies? How much whiskey, brandy and wine did he really drink during the war?

  • Add A Pinch Of Controversy To The Essay Pot
  • Play the devil's advocate. Take a controversial, unexpected, or humourous take on an issue that is current in the media. Why torture is an excellent way to gather information from terrorists, and why public money should be spent to research new and improved methods of being brutish, nasty, and mean.

  • What Did He Mean When He Said....
  • Take a famous quote from a man or woman who has inspired you, and explain your interpretation of the meaning behind it. Or take a famous quote out of context and give it your own weird and wonderful take. For example, “I have a dream....to one day retire to a deserted island accompanied by 10 fantastic looking, naked body builders (male, female, or a mix?!)” Where would this island be? What ever would you spend your time doing?

  • Essays Gone To The Dogs
  • Dogs can hear sounds that the human ear is incapable of registering. They also have a power of smell hundreds of times more sensitive than our own. What do you think they hear and smell? Why do you think that they evolved these senses while humans did not?

If you think your instructor will really let you run with an original essay topic, write your essay from the standpoint of a dog. It could be your dog, a dog that is in a lab being used for ebola testing, or Snoopy. If you are attempting to play (or write) from way out in left field, check with your instructor before you start your essay!

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