Searching For A High-Quality Example Of A Reflective Essay On Group Work

A group work reflective essay is not the kind of text that can be copied. You are supposed to write about your feelings or ideas and describe your own unique personal experiences that you had during the group work. Writing a reflective essay is not too complicated. You don’t have to read books, nor do you have to gather and analyze data; all you have to do is describe the people with whom you worked and the atmosphere that predominated, and also write about your general impression of the process of work. 

It doesn’t sound too difficult. However, students often miss some vital points or encounter problems while they work on the structure of the text. This is the moment when a student understands that he or she needs a high-quality example of a reflective essay. When you have a high-quality sample, it’s always easier to write your own text correctly. Below you will find information on where to find decent samples of reflective essays. 

  • Check writing websites.
  • The Internet has many pages that deal with the art of writing. On these websites you will find tips for writing various types and styles of texts. In addition, you will find templates for different assignments, where all you need to do is fill in the blank spots. It won’t be challenging to find decent samples on a wide range of topics. The example that you need will certainly be there. 

  • Get a writing manual.
  • Many writing manuals prove to be very helpful. You can find books on stylistic devices, dissertation writing, journal article writing, fiction writing, etc. There are good essay writing guides, where you can find practical tips for dealing with the technical peculiarities of different writing tasks. The theory is usually well exemplified, so you will surely find a sample that is relevant to your own piece. 

  • Talk to senior students.
  • It is possible that they could have done the same assignment before. They might even have digital copies of their work. This would be wonderful as their works have been already evaluated. You will be able to select the work of highest quality and avoid making similar mistakes. Moreover, it’s desirable to have samples that were written for your specific course as they correspond exactly to its criteria. 

  • Ask the person who gave you the task.
  • Students usually forget about this obvious option. Your teacher surely has copies of the best previously-submitted works. If you ask for a sample, it is likely that he or she would gladly provide you with one.

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