General Advice On How To Write A 5-Paragraph Definition Essay

Paragraphing is one of the main characteristics that make a good write-up. This notwithstanding, developing a literary piece especially a short one which only contains five paragraph is among other factors that students ought to take as foundational when it comes to sharpening one’s writing skills at school. On this premise, doing a five-paragraph definition is one of such literary undertakings which a student should take into consideration with utmost seriousness. Definition compositions revolve around exploring in details, the meaning of a concept, phenomenon, an idea or something. While most students take their academic writing assignments seriously, there are others who always witness adrenaline rush whenever such an activity arises. The question is, starting from the very simplest forms of writing which is defining a word in prose, what ought to make a good short composition that constitutes only five paragraphs? Well, in this article, we take a look at some tips that would enhance your understanding of such simple and short compositions, so take a look.

Definition of terms or concepts should start you off

A five paragraph essay should not be something difficult to develop. In this regard, it should not also take you a lot of time thinking of how to go about it in the most interesting way. The rule of the thumb is, start off your writing with giving a concise definition of the main subject. For example, if it is all about defining poaching, this should come out as your thesis statement and most importantly make the bulk of your first paragraph.

Explore the usage of the defined term

Your second paragraph should be now exploring the alternative uses of the term defined earlier. This way, your five paragraph essay is developed sequentially so that whoever will be reading it, will be able to go through a series of stages for better understanding.

Give examples of alternative uses

This can be explored in two paragraphs in which case, you will take a look at the synonymous uses of what is being defined as well as the antonyms of the word. This broadens the understanding and knowledge of a reader by making your composition comprehensive.

Digging into background information

Most definition compositions would be better understood and even more interesting if you take readers through the background knowledge of what is being reviewed. In this regard, a brief history of the word would be ideal and how it can be used in other forms such as nouns, adjectives and verbs.

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