US History Essay Topics: How To Choose The Most Catchy One

Before come to select or even write a US history topic, there are some important things that you have to take into consideration. These will help you get through topic selection and also through writing the topic easily. Some of these are:

  • You have to identify the presence of a historical debate in the topic
  • You have to identify any relevant questions that can stem from the research areas that you are looking at
  • You have to remember that a history paper should not just be a narrative of a historical event, or a paper that is based on original research, but it must be in-depth

Broad topic

To select the right topics for your paper, it is important that you first of all look at all the possible topics that you have at your disposal keenly. The topic that you choose should be wide (broad). A broad topic allows you a lot of freedom of creativity, the kind of freedom that you can use to explore the topics deeply, or at least choose on particular sections to focus on.

Feasible topic

After choosing a topic that is wide enough for your style of writing, you should then think in terms of the feasibility of the topic. Feasibility allows you to understand whether you are really able to write about the topic to the level that you want, and if indeed it is sensible to do so.

To check for feasibility you have to take a look at some of the literature that is available on the topic. Such literature will be obtained from secondary sources of data. Remember that as we have mentioned earlier, historical topics will hardly come from primary sources, but secondary literature.

Do your research

You will then need to conduct your research in different databases for information on the topic, so that you have enough content to go about, content that can sustain a suitable argument for your topic. Remember that even though historical subjects have always been there, different people can ask different questions from your essay after reading it, and you should be able to answer them. This brings us to the most important factor about selecting US history topics; make sure that you choose something that you understand, something that you can explain to the best of your understanding.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will not only choose an easy topic, but you will have one that can score the highest marks for you too.

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