How To Make Your Middle School Literary Essay Shine

A literary essay may sound intimidating but do not let it be. This is just a way to get you to stretch a little bit in your writing style. You cannot always write about how you spend your summer vacation. Middle school is a time when you learn some very important things and how to write a good essay is one of them. Here’s how you can make that assignment shine.

  • Pick a Good Literary Topic. This assumes your middle school teacher has not given you one already. It can be about a famous novel or the author. The best topic is one that you have an interest in. It makes things a lot easier for you when it comes to writing.

  • Do an Outline. You should think of the outline as a blueprint for that great essay you are planning on writing. You should take a few minutes to sketch out what you plan on writing in the essay. Remember that the outline is not carved in stone. If you have to change a few things you may do that right up to the moment you hand in your paper.

  • Use a Thesaurus and/or a Dictionary. You are at an age now when you should be using both of these more often. The right type of words can make your composition sparkle. You also have the opportunity to learn the meaning of words and also some that you can substitute for ordinary expressions. It just helps make your paper that much more brilliant.

  • Be Willing to Do Some Editing and Revision. All good writers are going to do some revising of their text, so don’t feel bad for doing it. Editing is the part of any good writing because small mistakes can happen. A grammatical error or a misspelling could cause a lower grade and you do not want that. It takes a little extra time after you finished writing, but editing and revision is worth it.

  • Have Someone Proofread. Either a friend or dissertation writers for hire could be asked to read your work and offer their criticism of it. Always remember this is constructive criticism and not a put down.

A literary essay can be a way of growing academically. You are in middle school now and you are getting ready to move into high school. Take the opportunity to learn with all of your assignments. Expand a little bit. It will serve you quite well in the later years when even better writing will be expected from you.

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